Are you thinking of buying a new home for you and your family? The process can often times be confusing. Elizabeth, first-time home owner, shares her story on purchasing her home through TRP Realty, and how it impacted her life.

Why was owning your first home so important to you?

Before owning my own home, I was living with my parents and siblings in a tiny two-bedroom apartment. Owning a home was important because I wanted to have my own space. And after I had my daughter I wanted to make sure she had a space to grow up in and call her own.

What challenges were you having when you were trying to purchase your own home?

Before going to TRP Realty, I tried going through a realtor but I felt like I was on my own and they weren’t informing me of any special programs. The realtor wanted me to come up with thousands of dollars I didn’t have for a 20% down payment. I wasn’t able to bid or purchase any of the homes I wanted. Most people don’t know what the process is to buy their own home.

What do you advise people who are thinking of purchasing their first home?

I’d advise people to go to The Resurrection Project first. They educated me on the whole process from obtaining credit to finding something I could comfortably afford. Daniel, the TRP Realtor, took a lot of time to show me properties and didn’t charge me a dime. Then Margie, the Financial Service Manager, assisted me with all of the paperwork and told me about the special programs available to offset the cost of the down payment.

How has owning your home impacted you?

Owning my home has impacted me greatly because it’s a place of my own and this neighborhood is where my daughter will grow up and now I can start planning for the future. From the bottom of my heart thank you to the team and TRP Realty because thanks to them I was able to purchase my own home!

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