About Us

Our Mission

To build relationships and challenge individuals to act on their faith and values by creating community ownership, building community wealth, and serving as stewards of community assets.

Who We Are 

Team of commission-free Realtors® who will help you find your dream home. We collaborate with our in-house Home Purchase Advisors in secure financing, and determining if you qualify for down payment assistance. All in all, we are present every step of the way.

Become an Investor in Your Community
TRP Realty is an initiative of The Resurrection Project, a community development organization created by the community to serve the community. The commission paid to TRP Realty from closing is reinvested into the programs offered by The Resurrection Project.  Our goal is the revitalization of our neighborhoods. Our clients are its people. When one of our clients buys a home, they are investing in that community. They are helping it grow and helping it become a healthier and safer place.