Our Team

Erica Esquivel
Managing Broker

Erica Esquivel, a Real Estate Broker at TRP Realty, provides both buyers and sellers nothing less than a positive attitude, expertise in negotiation, organization and attention to detail. Her real estate career developed from a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for searching for ways to help others. She references her family as having a positive influence in her career. "Being part of a large family made me who I am today, out-going, easy to talk to, with a great appreciation for humor. My large family also taught me how to listen and how to speak up; how to connect with people and how to troubleshoot any number of difficult and/or sensitive situations."


(224) 578-1917

Sandra Ceja
Operations Coordinator

As Operations Coordinator, Sandra assists in overseeing the day-to-day operations for the realty team. Now entering her 3rd year in this role, Sandra continues to learn and grow within this position, developing and implementing new procedures and systems that have proven effective in helping TRP Realty function at an even more effective pace. “I like to get my job done efficiently for the ease of my team so they may have the tools they need to reach their goals.” Just like the other TRP Realty team members, Sandra values treating customers with the utmost respect and follow-through. In her spare time, Sandra enjoys photography and dabbles in interior design.



(312) 880-1123